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Benefits of joining Artistsay!

Work related benefits

  • As Artistsay grows, we’ll have high value users looking for talent. Directors, recruiters and similar valuable positions.
  • Potential employers can have a quick, easy way to get a general idea of who you are, maybe even hire you.
  • Form social contacts with industry professionals. Start a conversation in the comments or on Discord!
  • Professionals are busy people, they can’t watch long interviews. Reading paragraphs is faster and more convenient.

Personal brand benefits

  • Your fans would greatly benefit. Imagine your favorite artist has an indepth interview, that information is priceless!
  • Artistsay’s audience focuses on the person behind the art. The most dedicated fans emerge from such communities.
  • Fans who want to know more about you will be genuinely happy to read about who you are and your opinions.
  • Artists have creative minds, which means unique perspectives. Not sharing them would be a shame.
  • In the FAQ section you can answer the most common questions and save yourself a ton of time.
  • … and many more!