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Interview below!
These images were created by Rogelio Olguin, an incredible artist! I’m just blown away and speechless.
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I had the honor of asking him a couple of questions and oh boy, did he deliver!

1. How long have you been doing art for?
Been doing art for as long as I can remember, pretty much my whole life.

2. How did you come up with the idea for this piece?
The idea for the egg came out while I was just messing around with substance. I knew I wanted to make a ornate wood carved like piece and it evolved to this. I was taking inspiration from Norse, Celtic, and manuscript decorative art.

3. What did you struggle with the most while working on this?
I did not really have a huge struggle besides maintaining tons of detail but also balanced so it was readable that was the challenging part.

4. What part of creating this did you enjoy most?
I enjoyed all part of this but the main one was the dragon head. Originally I created a dragon head as if you are seeing it from the side, but I did not like it so I re did it entirely. I wanted something more iconic and came up with that design. I looked at the Witcher emblem as inspiration for the style.

5. How long have you been using substance designer for?
I think it has been almost 3-4 years now since I started using designer. I started right after shipping The Last of US.

6. Can you tell us a bit about your workflow?
Main part of my workflow is that I do everything in the height map nothing is layered with normal maps. I go from macro forms (large) to micro details. If the main forms of the work is not interesting the details fall apart so just sculpting in zbrush or anything in art really you start with the main forms first and detail as you go.

7. Any plans for your next project?
No plans, but I feel like maybe something more hard surface and science fiction.

8. From looking at the rest of your work, it seems like you enjoyed creating characters. Any plans on making more?
I enjoy doing a lot of different work for sure. No plans yet for another character. Like anything I do in my free time I try to let things evolve if I am interested in doing a character ill do it and so on. I will definitely make more for sure.

9. If someone wants to start learning substance designer, what advice would you give to a beginner?
Biggest advice is start simple and do not let the program overwhelm you. If you want to make tile able textures I suggest starting with the older workflows like Zbrush sculpting and baking down inside substance to make your color and roughness passes… Through this process you will learn the basics of layering and blending nodes and as you get more advanced try to add details to the height maps of your baked down hi poly for example. Eventually you will get more and more comfortable with the tool and start to make textures entirely in designer.

10. Are there any resources (tutorials, courses…) that you would recommend for substance designer?
I would check out my Gnomon Tutorial I did for Designer it goes through the essentials and to pretty advanced stuff also. Besides that I would go with Joshua Lynch and Daniel Thiger tutorials both hold alike views when it comes to the way I make textures.

That’s all. Huge thank you to Rogelio Olguin again for taking his time and giving us such valuable information!

-Muhammed Softic

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