Hanson Guillen

Hanson Guillen

2D Artist

Who is Hanson Guillen?

“I am a general artist. An illustrator, 2d animator, concept artist, animation background artist and sometimes as a storyboard artist.

I work in the animation area especially, but knowing how to decide which line to follow has been difficult. Mostly, because I like all styles of art and trying new things, but I have decided to specialize in just one. So I have chosen to create concept art and improve my art since by trying many styles you cannot be a master in one area, that’s why I want to focus on only one thing, to become a master.”

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Creativity and art journey

“If you could only show us one project of yours, to describe what you do, which one would it be and why?”

“As I said before, I want to create a single line to follow, and it has been concept art. This art is for me. The need to find my way caused me to create a world in my head and I have decided to represent it in this way. This is the first of possibly several characters and environments that I will be creating in the future.”
Hanson Guillen concept art artist of a samurai one of the eight warriors of the awakened path


“Whats the earliest art project you were proud of?”

“This art is possibly the first illustration that I felt satisfied with. It’s several years old. I have feelings for this illustration because it is a very deep character, with a very confused and tangled story. Someone in my free time I was creating, brushstroke by brushstroke I gave it shape and the more I advanced the more it got into my head to the point of seeing it in dreams.

I had to leave him for a while. Obsessed with him, one night I woke up and thought I saw him standing in the doorway of my room. It’s one of the few illustrations I’ve done that I like.”
Hanson Guillen concept art artist painting character design story


“What art pieces (from other artists) blow you away and what specifically do you like about them?”

“Regarding this subject, I am not much into using social networks. I do not know many artists, but when I go to facebook or instagram and some art of my liking appears, I look at their entire gallery and they inspire me. As I said Before, I consume material of many styles. I do not have a favorite artist for now and want to be more active in social networks. Soon I will meet good artists that I will make my favorites.”

“Throughout your life, what kind of support did you have from the people around you when it comes to your artistic developments?”

“My parents have been my first support. They never imposed something on me to do and they let me be myself as I grew older. I am a somewhat shy person. That is why I did not have a large social circle from where I could get support. My friends more close ones do not give merit to my work although it is more a joke.

My family supports me, some stranger likes my work, in the companies where I have worked they congratulate me. Strangely I feel that I can give more. No matter how much compliments my clients give me, I am never satisfied with my art, but to a certain extent that support is what has made me advance here.”

“What are things that influenced you in your life, to create the art that you create?”

“I am very sure that my loneliness since I was a child and my imagination which I have nurtured with a lot of audio visual material. Including video games. I feel a deep taste for stories from the past rather than futurism. If it is related to swords and a good mythological and fantastic story I’ll be there haha. Other than that, mostly loneliness. It gives you time to think about many things that some can serve as inspiration. I am more of looking for answers inside myself than outside.”

“What aspect of your art do you want people to remember you for?”

“I have not thought much yet. Maybe they will remember me for the passion with which I do my projects? Although lately I would like to leave positive messages. Hidden messages in my works so that a good eye can realize the message and apply it to your life for a better life.”

“Why are you creative?”

“Maybe due to the fact of not having many friends. In my childhood I was forced to find something that made me feel good and it seems that I chose a good option, because until today I do not regret anything I did to get here.”

Personality and values

“If your friends or co-workers were here, what would they tell me about you?”

“My co-workers will probably say that I am the quiet and serious of the group haha ​​but the person you can trust for whatever, the peaceful person haha.”

“What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to face in your life?”

“First it was looking for a job, because as I said, I was very shy. Thanks to a university professor who offered me a part-time job as a 2d animator, it was how I started to get jobs, because they were satisfied with what I was doing. So I am very grateful to that teacher and although I do not work with him now, he is a good friend.

Now I have another obstacle, it is wanting to make my art be noticed more, because I’m not good at social networking haha, so I’ll work on it”

“As you get older, what are you becoming more and more afraid of?”

“Not being able to become a master and not being able to share knowledge with artists who are starting. I know that with what I have now I can help, and I have, some come to me asking for advice, and I give them everything I can, but I want to know more to give more.”

“What is something everyone should try atleast once in their life?”

“A good gesture towards a person, even if you don’t know them! Saying something that makes the day happy in a disinterested way is something that we should all practice and not only once but always. It feels good to make another person feel good, a good comment can change a person’s world, so yes, a good gesture towards another person.”

“What chapter in your life, did you enjoy most?”

“Without hesitation I will say that in the stage that I am crossing now, I have never felt so comfortable and learned as much as I learned a few months ago until now.”

Creating Art

“What does the process of coming up with new ideas look like for you?”

“I think that first I try to imagine the feeling of the character or the setting that I am going to create. Try compositions, contrasts, color, until I reach a good base from where I can start working on something more solid, more detailed. I imagine it as a chaos that little by little he calms down and each piece moves naturally to its place.

When they are personal projects, I have noticed that my characters are inexpressive haha, I think it is due to my personality. In a certain way the artist reflects part of himself in his work, it is undeniable. but I am working on myself, so it is possible that my works will also evolve.”

“What kind of advice would you give someone who struggles to come up with ideas?”

“They generally advise going for a walk, being distracted in nature, but what about those who cannot access such a place? for any reason? If you can’t find peace outside, you can find it inside! I would advise to meditate, clear your mind of abusive thoughts, give yourself time to just be. You may not have good ideas at the moment, but your mind will be more serene and after a while you will think best.”

“Before you start a project, what feelings or thoughts are going through your head?”

“not many, I have learned that the more you think the less you do!”

“At what point in a project do you struggle the most?”

“In development, the traitorous mind gives you new ideas, so I fight not to deviate from what the project is really aiming for.”

“If you could give your younger self any art advice, what would it be?”

“my only advice would be to have more determination!”

“If you could ask your favorite artists anything you wanted, what would you ask?”

“I previously said that I do not have favorite artists, but if I had to ask, it would be more about technical questions. Or maybe how to make yourself known better.”

Hanson Guillen

Remembering an artist’s name shows that you care. It’s not all about the artwork, but also who created it! If you could ask Hanson Guillen any question, which one would it be? Post it in the comments down below!

  • Hey Hanson, I have a couple of follow up questions for you!

    You mentioned video games influenced your art, can you name a few?

    You also mentioned you like stories from the past rather than the future. Can you give us any examples or stories you’d want to recommend?

    • (Replying on Hanson’s behalf)

      When I mention games, league of legends comes to mind I love the artistic style they present. They are incredible works. Also, Fromsoftware games because they are set in a dark and medieval era, they are my favorite games but of all their games, “dark souls” has been my forever favorite game, I still play it.

      When I talk about stories from the past, I go back to the time when there was a lot of ignorance and fears, because from there they grew impressive fantastic stories. I like that mystery that surrounded the cold nights where any sound could be a beast, an entity or anything. Movies like the “Lord of the rings” series like “Game of Thrones” is to the worlds that I mean.