Igor Sena

Igor Sena

2D/3D Artist

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“If you could have a video of any event in your life, which one would you choose?”

Igor responded with a really personal story. A story about the complicated struggles of a son who wants to use art as a medium to mend his broken relationship with his abusive father. Thank you Igor for being so open about such a sensitive topic!


Igor’s story

“My father beat my family, but he was still a good person. All I wanted was a video of him smiling that he sent me when I was on a trip with the biggest Brazilian orchestra that I was part of. I was in another state and he sent me a video of him smiling and winking, only that. 3 seconds…

It was on my old cell phone and I would climb a mountain for this video… Yes, he was a monster, but he was the ONLY one who believed in my art.

All my birthdays he gave me expensive drawing books. Each year was a different drawing style. I know the basis from manga to hyper realism. I know sculpting and I know all of color theory, but when I showed him a job, he would tear and break all my materials without my mom knowing. He manipulated and used each member of the family. No wonder you can’t reach 250 meters from me today or have any contact…

I’m crying while writing this and after 4 years I can finally talk to someone about it… It’s hard to understand why I’m writing, but really… I remember this video and I focus on making money, I focus on studying more and more.

In just 3 months in 3D, I caught the attention of a modeler who has always been a big fan and produces for the whole world things that I am passionate about exactly his characters.

That changed my life… yet all I wanted to do was celebrate with my father, but all I am thankful for is that he is no longer in my life.

I have an image of him smiling in the video that I will keep forever. It does not erase the times I had to take it off my mother, but it makes me believe that today I am where I am thanks to mistakes and successes.
As a child I loved running my hand through his beard, and I fought with him when he took off his beard hahaha it was fun.

It is difficult to remember something good, because something bad comes soon after, but who in life hasn’t made mistakes? I am not proud of much. I will never accept him as he is, so much that when I date, I am not jealous and I never even joke about as much as flicking her.

I’m not like him, but my biggest fear is being, but I still love him, because he is my father. More than anything in this world…
One day I want that when I produce a film, he is there and then I tell everyone to listen “I know it was not easy for you, I know that it really hurt, everything that happened in our lives, but I’m here and it’s thanks to you… Thanks for everything and I’m sorry.”

Today I have to study a lot to reach my biggest goal in life, see that smile personally from him. Through art we can bring happiness and sadness just by the colors, and that 3-second video did that to me. A smile and a wink. I hope that one day my art can open his eyes and make him want to be a better person, just as I treat myself today and thanks to art my life has a purpose.

Igor Sena

Remembering an artist’s name shows that you care. It’s not all about the artwork, but also who created it! If you could ask Igor Sena any question, which one would it be? Post it in the comments down below!