Muhammed Softic


Chapter 1


Who is Muhammed Softic?

“I’m someone who values creativity, rationality and honesty. Those three aspects of life have helped me become who I am today. Someone who sees the positive things in others and myself. Someone who wants to be the best me I can possibly be and someone who encourages others to do the same. I’m also the creator of Artistsay and in general I’m very interested in basically everything that’s creative. Only things I’m not interested in are things I’m not aware of!”

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“If you could only show us one project of yours, to describe what you do, which one would it be and why?”

“Artistsay! That’s the one and only project that reflects who I am. I love art and creativity, but I’m not an artist. Art is so complex and has so many different sides to it. I want to explore them all! Artistsay gives me a platform to talk with people in all kinds of fields and it let’s me gather information, experiences, thoughts and opinions from countless people around the world.”

“If your friends or co-workers were here, what would they tell me about you?”

“He’s shy at first, but once you get to know him, he’s like a completely different person!” This description fits me quite well. They’d also tell you that I’m a really open person. I’m not afraid to speak what’s on my mind and if someone needs honest advice or just someone that listens to them, they usually come to me.”


Personality Type


Interests and Hobbies


Experiences and Struggles


Motivations and Goals