Nikita Lebedev

Nikita Lebedev

Creature and Character Artist

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Who is Nikita Lebedev?

“I’m a professional creature and character artist, specializing in digital sculpting and I have been working in VFX for over 8 years. I’ve created creature and character work for collectible statue/toy companies like McFarlane Toys, as well as feature work including upcoming “Monster Hunter”, “Hellboy”, the Oscar winner – Guillermo Del Toro’s “Shape of Water”, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”, “Vikings”, “Strain”, Marvel’s “Inhumans” and others, including unannounced projects.

I’m also a part time professor at Digital Animation and DVFX programs at Centennial College. My range of specialty includes creature and character concept art, production ready sculpture and texturing, lookdev, FACS, etc.”

“If you could only show us one project of yours, to describe what you do, which one would it be and why?”

Shape of water nikita Lebedev character and creature artist
“I’d show you the work I’ve done on the “Shape of Water” – as it encompasses my primary range of specialty – creating creatures/characters for movies and creating their facial shapes.”

“What art project are you most proud of?”

“The Shape of Water is definitely my favorite. It was really challenging and difficult, however the end result was really amazing, thanks to all artists involved in the making of it. Also I really like the movie.”

“Is there something you wish you had done differently leading up to where you are now?”

“I probably would have started doing 3d art and get into ZBrush much earlier than i did. Maybe I should’ve played less World of Warcraft :P”

“What chapter in your life, did you enjoy most?”

“The current chapter I’m in. I’m living in a very creative environment, always in the creative zone, working on many projects – from movies to collectible statues to personal work. Constantly learning and improving is something I really enjoy.”

“What does the process of coming up with new ideas look like for you?”

“I look at everything that inspires me – from nature to books that I read (or listen nowadays), to games/movies I watch. Or other artist’s work I see every day!”

“What kind of advice would you give someone who struggles to come up with ideas?”

“Start drawing! Great ideas wont ever come out of nowhere. Draw a bunch of real living creatures you like. Even from this point you’ll already start expanding your visual library and imagination will start kicking in. Then start experimenting and don’t worry about the end result. It will come with practice. Also, of course looking at other artist’s work as inspiration is really great.”

“Before you start a project, what feelings or thoughts are going through your head?”

“Excitement of that new journey. I never know what exatly it will look like in the end, because ideas and the project are always evolving as I work.”

“Do you have any advice on breaking out of your artistic comfort zone?”

“Just start drawing/sculpting stuff you are not very comfortable with. You can start with a smaller and easier to finish project and then take on a bigger project in the same direction after.”

“If you could give your younger self any art advice, what would it be?”

“Work on your craft EVERY DAY. Even a little bit counts. Consistency is the most important thing.”

“Looking back at your career, which project did you enjoy working on the most?”

“Spawn collectibles I made for Todd McFarlane. Todd gives you a lot of artistic freedom to push the character and create something cool!”

Nikita Lebedev

Remembering an artist’s name shows that you care. It’s not all about the artwork, but also who created it! If you could ask Nikita Lebedev any question, which one would it be? Post it in the comments down below!