Roy Shtoyer

Roy Shtoyer

Concept artist – Plarium Social Gaming

Who is Roy Shtoyer?

“My name is Roy Shtoyer and I’m an artist. For most of my life I’ve been drawing and painting. Currently I work as a concept artist at Plarium Social Gaming and I create concepts for mobile games (designing characters, objects and environments). I used to be a tattoo artist in my earlier years and also tried to do a few amateurish comic books which were never published.”

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Creativity and art journey

“If you could only show us one project of yours, to describe what you do, which one would it be and why?”

This project shows part of my job. I was asked to design a character of this sort of forest spirit type thing and I tried to incorporate natural elements in the design of the characters.”
Roy Shtoyer Concept art artist plarium gaming forest spirit whisps


“What’s the earliest art project you were proud of?”

“It was a comic book I did for fun and I drew over 65 pages with a pen and pencil. The story was garbage, but it took alot of hard work and attention to details. I enjoyed it alot!”

“What art pieces (from other artists) blow you away and what specifically do you like about them?.”

“Pretty much anything by Sergey Kolesov and Max Grecke is incredible! I like their style and use of shapes and their overall artistic eye.”


Sergey Kolesov

Sergey Kolesov artist art mermaid concept art digital painting

Max Grecke

Max Grecke Vegeta saiyan concept art artist digital art


“Throughout your life, what kind of support did you have from the people around you when it comes to your artistic developments?”

“It’s not that I had support, but more like nobody tried to discourage me. I come from a very large family and I’m the youngest so my parents didn’t really care what I choose to do with my life as long as I dont get in too much trouble.”

“What art project of yours are you most proud of and what makes it so special.”

“During an artist’s life there are points where you suddenly improve after a long stagnation period. Young wiz is a project I’m proud of, because it represents a point when I jumped a level and sort of managed to improve my skill.”

Roy shtoyer young wizard wiz concept art digital art artist


“What are things that influenced you in your life, to create the art that you create?”

“Comic books (mainly french, italian and japanese) movies (mainly ice and fire) and books (lord of the rings, dune, and discworld).”

“What aspect of your art do you want people to remember you for?”

“I don’t need to be remembered, but I do like the idea of people enjoying my art long after I die. I don’t need them to know my name.”

“Why are you creative?”

“I believe all people have a need to be creative, that is human nature.”

Personality and values

“If your friends or co-workers were here, what would they tell me about you?”

“Probably that I’m a bit weird, but overall a nice quiet guy.”

“What’s one specific memory you never want to forget?”

“The birth of my daughter.”

“What’s the biggest obstacle you’ve had to face in your life?”

“Building my current home, it’s stressful dealing with lawyers and contractors. It’s not my forte.”

“If you could have a video of any event in your life, which one would you choose?”

“I don’t like videos or pictures of life events and I prefer using my memory. It makes everything seem happier and better than it really was.”

“As you get older, what are you becoming more and more afraid of?”

“I have severe back pains from an injury I had and I’m afraid that one day it will get so bad that I wouldn’t be able to draw anymore.”

“What chapter in your life, did you enjoy most?”

“I’m pretty happy where I am now, but I think as I grow older I enjoy life more and more.”

Creating Art

“What does the process of coming up with new ideas look like for you?”

“I constantly coming up with new ideas in my head. Sometimes I sketch them so I won’t forget, but mainly I just use my imagination all day long coming up with stories and scenes in my head.”

“What kind of advice would you give someone who struggles to come up with ideas?”

“Just look at your own life, the best ideas are rooted in reality, watch alot of movies, play alot of games, read alot of books and look at alot of art. Expand your visual library and your brain will do the rest.”

“Before you start a project, what feelings or thoughts are going through your head?”

“Sometimes I’m worried I’ll fail in executing a project the way I visualize it in my head. Other times I’m just excited to start and immerse myself in the work.”

“At what point in a project do you struggle the most?”

“Knowing when to stop and call it finished, sometimes less is more.”

“Do you have any advice on breaking out of your artistic comfort zone?”

“I try to paint in many different styles, I want to learn and master all types of genres of drawing and painting, try as many styles and artistic media as possible. It will develop your mind and ability.”

“If you could give your younger self any art advice, what would it be?”

“Go to art school instead of insisting on learning yourself, it will give you an opportunity to learn from masters of the craft.”

“If you could ask your favorite artists anything you wanted, what would you ask?”

“I would just like to watch them work, you can learn alot from quiet observation.”

Roy Shtoyer

Remembering an artist’s name shows that you care. It’s not all about the artwork, but also who created it! If you could ask Roy Shtoyer any question, which one would it be? Post it in the comments down below!

  • Thanks Roy! Young Wiz definitely shows that your effort was well worth it. All your artwork afterwards is just more prove of that!

  • Awsome read I fill as we met in real life 😉 thanks for spreading those nuggets of wisdom. I sure lots of us artist will carry those with them long after your gone. Live long and prosper and enjoy the newborn. That is you’re best creation yet and your moose for life. Piece