Santa Norvaisaite

Santa Norvaisaite

Concept Artist and Illustrator

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Who is Santa Norvaisaite?

“Hello! My name is Santa, and I’m a concept artist and illustrator from Latvia, currently living in Toronto, Canada. I have 2 years of experience working on video games, movies, and other creative projects. I love creating moody environments, and enjoy experimenting with different workflows and software!”

“What art project are you most proud of?”

Santa Norvaisaite Lighthouse of alexandria concept art and illustration
“For personal work, I’m most proud of my newest project! I recreated Lighthouse of Alexandria and I learned a lot while working on it.

As for the professional work, some of the projects that I’m most proud of are under NDA. :)”

“Is there something you wish you had done differently leading up to where you are now?”

“I wish that I focused more on art earlier, but I was studying video game development for 3 years. During my time at the college, I was learning many things like basic coding, level design, 3D modeling/sculpting, etc. However, after I graduated in 2018, I focused only on art fundamentals and creating a portfolio!”

“If your friends or co-workers were here, what would they tell me about you?”

“That I work too hard. 😀 Art has become one of the things I enjoy doing in my free time as well. I love studying, learning new things, or working on personal projects.”

“What chapter in your life, did you enjoy most?”

“When I left my part-time job at the coffee shop, and I was able to support myself while working as a freelance artist full-time. It was one of the best feelings! :D”

“What does the process of coming up with new ideas look like for you?”

“There are two ways I come up with ideas: one is spontaneous or inspiration, and the other is while doing research. With a lot of my personal work, I get inspired by movies, music, other cool artwork, and video games. I have these “images” piling in my memory, and sometimes while doing daily sketches, I come up with a story/or idea that I find interesting, and then I create a quick personal artwork.

Coming up with ideas while doing research involves more brainstorming, and I usually write down a few keywords describing the character or environment. This helps me a lot while I look for references, or develop a better sense of the story.”

“What kind of advice would you give someone who struggles to come up with ideas?”

“I would suggest watching more tv shows and movies, or play video games, and read some books. I think these are very important sources for inspiration! 🙂 Also, check out webpages like Pinterest! There are so many cool ideas, and photos that can give new inspiration for a project!”

“Do you have any advice on breaking out of your artistic comfort zone?”

“Don’t be afraid to try new things with art! Get out of the comfort zone by taking small steps, like doing quick daily studies of things you usually don’t draw/design.”

“If you could give your younger self any art advice, what would it be?”

“I would tell my younger self to focus more on fundamentals! :)”

Santa Norvaisaite

Remembering an artist’s name shows that you care. It’s not all about the artwork, but also who created it! If you could ask Santa Norvaisaite any question, which one would it be? Post it in the comments down below!