Sergey Tsvelykh

Sergey Tsvelykh

Junior 2D artist at ROOM 8 STUDIO

Who is Sergey Tsvelykh?

“Hi, my name is Sergey! I’m from the Ukraine, 22 years old and an artist in the game development industry. Right now I work at Room8 Studio, styling department. I usually paint props and characters.

In general, I graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). I didn’t think I would be an artist. Like other kids, I loved drawing. When I was in my freshman year, I started painting. It was a hobby, but by the end of the fourth year, I realized that I wanted to make money on it and so it happened.”

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Creativity and art journey

“If you could only show us one project of yours, to describe what you do, which one would it be and why?”

“It’s a difficult question. I have illustrations, character concepts and props in my portfolio. At work, I also paint everything. Most of the time I draw props, so I will show you this project.
Sergey Tsvelykh Concept 2D junior artist closet of a young warrior painting drawing


“What’s the earliest art project you were proud of?”

“My first freelancer, I drew about 90 icons for the Dragon Champions game. It was difficult and I drew so badly, but I earned my first money on painting.”

“What art pieces (from other artists) blow you away and what specifically do you like about them?.”

Taras Susak

Taras Susak 2D Artist The silkworm archive painting woman books

This is my favorite artist. I love the composition, design and storytelling of Taras’ illustrations.

Sergey Kolesov

Sergey Kolesov artist art mermaid concept art digital painting

I like Sergey’s ideas and style.

Ivan Kunakh

Ivan Kunakh Smirnov Skeleton Key keeper 2D Artist CD Projekt Red

Qiu Fang

Qiu Fang Senior Concept Artist on overwatch Blizzard Entertainment

Ryan Metcalf

Ryan Metcalf Art Director Nexon Blizzard NC Soft Disney Fel Stalker

The last 3, I like them the same way, I always use their characters as a reference.


“Throughout your life, what kind of support did you have from the people around you when it comes to your artistic developments?”

“I was lucky to have the support of my family and friends.”

“What art project of yours are you most proud of and what makes it so special.”

“I drew this illustration for the Anton Zemskov competition Fanart Brawl. Anton draws illustrations for Hearthstone and he runs a fanart competition with every new addons. Usually I don’t really like my work, but I liked this one!”
Sergey Tsvelykh Junior 2D artist at room 8 studio Magic weaver


“What are things that influenced you in your life, to create the art that you create?”

“Video games. Most of all Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2 and The Witcher 2.”

Personality and values

“If your friends or co-workers were here, what would they tell me about you?”

“I think they would say that I paint too much.”

“What’s one specific memory you never want to forget?”

“I don’t want to be specific, but it was one evening in the first year in university.”

“As you get older, what are you becoming more and more afraid of?”

“Disease, old age.”

“What is something everyone should try atleast once in their life?”

“Everyone should watch The Lord of the Rings!”

“What chapter in your life, did you enjoy most?”

“I enjoyed my student years the most.”

Creating Art

“What does the process of coming up with new ideas look like for you?”

“It all depends on what kind of picture it is. If it’s a work task, I’m looking for references, looking for interesting shapes. I usually start with a silhouette, then refine with lines. When I paint for myself, ideas usually come spontaneously.”
Sergey Tsvelykh Junior 2D artist idea generation process


“What kind of advice would you give someone who struggles to come up with ideas?”

“For good idea generation, you need a rich visual library. Viewing references, analyzing the work of other artists will add to your visual library.”

“Before you start a project, what feelings or thoughts are going through your head?”

“Usually nothing special, sometimes I’m inspired, but this feeling is rare.”

“At what point in a project do you struggle the most?”

“There are no difficulties. I just paint as best I can.”

“Do you have any advice on breaking out of your artistic comfort zone?”

“Participate in challenges, contests. Look for new ideas. I usually go to courses there are many different tasks, it’s easier to get out of the comfort zone.”

“If you could give your younger self any art advice, what would it be?”

“Dude, you’re going to be an artist, go to the courses don’t self-study for 2 years.”

“If you could ask your favorite artists anything you wanted, what would you ask?”

“I would like to work with them, it is very useful.”

Sergey Tsvelykh

Remembering an artist’s name shows that you care. It’s not all about the artwork, but also who created it! If you could ask Sergey Tsvelykh any question, which one would it be? Post it in the comments down below!

  • Thanks Sergey! Must have felt awesome to finally earn some money with your artistic skills! I also agree that everyone should watch The Lord of the rings 😀