The purpose of Artistsay

Artistsay is a place to discover artists of all sorts. Be it professionals or hobbyists. Artistsay offers a platform, for artists, to share about their lives, passions, workflows, everything related and much more.


Artists will be added regularly. Expect new life stories, experiences, opinions, technical topics and similar discussions that you can participate in and look forward to!


Join a growing community that highly values the creators of art. Artistsay is where recruiters, directors and others looking for talent, can find indepth information about talented artists.


In today’s world, there is an endless pool off art. Artistsay’s focus is to bring back the appreciation of individual creators.


Knowing more about someone’s passion, experiences and hardships can bring a positive change to you and your art.


Differences in opinions can lead to interesting conversations. Start a discussion with comments on posts!

The creator of Artistsay

My name is Muhammed Softic and as you might have guessed already, I’m the sole creator of Artistsay. I’m a very open person, if anyone has any questions or just wants to chat, feel free to contact me!